Bridge House Care Home in Brighouse in Special Measures

People’s basic needs were not being met in a care home deemed inadequate and plunged into special measures, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said.

The CQC inspected the Bridge House care home on Bradford Road, Brighouse on three dates in August and September.

Inspectors called on the home to make urgent improvements following the unannounced targeted inspection they undertook after receiving concerns about the protection and quality of care.

They had also received complaints from relatives regarding the management of the service.
Sheila Grant, CQC’s Chief Inspectorate for Adult Social Services, said: “When we inspected Bridge House Care Home, we were concerned that few improvements had been made since our previous inspection in 2019 and it was of great concern that basic human needs such as access to food and drink were not being met.

“The inspectors found evidence that people were constantly losing weight and no action was taken to address it. Even though one person lost more than 9 kg and others were in a similar situation, records showed that they did not eat much and were not offered appropriate snacks or meals to manage their condition. weight.

“This puts people at significant risk of malnutrition, and everyone should expect their basic needs to be met.

“We found that not all staff had received up-to-date protection training.
“Someone had sustained a serious injury to his arm after an unwitnessed argument with another person living at home.

“There was no evidence that a healthcare professional was involved, and care plans and risk assessments were not in place to protect the person. This lack of good process puts vulnerable people at serious risk of further harm.

“People’s privacy and dignity were not respected at Bridge House.

“On several occasions we have seen people walk into other people’s rooms and lie down on their beds.

“There was a culture where it was normal, but the people living at Bridge House deserve the same respect and dignity as everyone else.

“As a result of the inspection, the provider significantly increased its oversight of the service, including appointing a suitably qualified pharmacist to oversee medication management and an additional full-time clinical nurse. ”

“We have indicated to the supplier what further improvements are needed to keep people safe and we will continue to monitor them to ensure people are receiving the best possible care. If we are not satisfied that our concerns have been addressed, we will not hesitate to take further action.

Despite concerns expressed by inspectors, the CQC said people and relatives were “generally positive” about the staff and their experiences at the home.

The watchdog added: “The supplier was responsive to the inspection findings and responded and acted during and after the inspection and shared detailed plans to improve their systems and processes.”

A spokesperson for the house said: “The CQC report is understandably a disappointment for all of us at Bridge House Care Home. However, before the report’s release, we have already made significant progress in areas requiring improvement.

“We quickly identified a lack of confidence in the leadership of Bridge House at the time and acted quickly to bring in a Senior Management Specialist and a team of two nursing home managers to work with our care team. staff dedicated to making these improvements.

“Bridge House has received fantastic support in our efforts thus far from Calderdale CCG and the Calderdale Local Authority and we would like to publicly thank them for this. As well, our team of staff, residents and families have been meticulous in supporting our improvements.

“We have to accept the CQC report, but we do so with confidence in the improvements to date and to come given the wealth of experience, support and knowledge currently in place at Bridge House. ”

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