Copthorne Nursing Home Residents Meet Their ‘Furry Friends’

Ann, resident of Francis Court Care Home, Copthorne, with Buttons the Horse

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Residents of a nursing home in Copthorne, West Sussex, welcomed unusual guests for a week of pet therapy.

Francis Court, on Borers Arms Road, hosted special visitors including Turtles, Melvin and Boris, alongside Hendrix the Borzoi and Buttons the Horse.

The residents of the Care UK care home enjoyed learning about each animal and their favorite food and environment, while enjoying cuddles with some of the furry guests. Residents also had the opportunity to take Buttons for a gentle stroll through the gardens of the house.

Commenting on the visit, resident Anne said, “It was wonderful to see such a variety of animals and all in one week. I especially liked Hendrix the Borzoi – he was huge but so sweet.

Another resident Anne, enjoyed cuddling with a four-legged friend

Anna Allen, Nursing Home Director, said: “Here at Francis Court we are always looking to organize fun and creative activities that provide residents with a memorable experience.

“It was wonderful to see the smiles on the residents’ faces as they spent time with the different animals and learned all about them – especially Buttons which was quite the show-off in our backyard.

“Being in the company of animals has proven therapeutic benefits for the elderly, especially those living with dementia, as it can reduce anxiety, release calming endorphins and decrease feelings of loneliness.

“You could see from the reactions of the residents how engaged they were when they had the opportunity to be in the company of these different animals.


“We look forward to welcoming more animals of all shapes and sizes in the future, as they certainly bring a lot of joy and comfort to everyone at Francis Court.”

The care home has been designed to enable residents to lead active and fulfilling lives, while promoting independence, and includes space for hobbies and leisure activities.

For more information on Francis Court, call Customer Relations Manager Beverly Jordan on 01342 886 567, or email [email protected]

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