Indianapolis Animal Care Services investigates pet hotel after finding lonely animals in facility

A customer said he was told his dog was neglected while staying at the Best Friends Pet Hotel in Castleton.

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s every pet parent’s nightmare to send their dog or cat to the kennel on a jaunt and come back to find they’ve been neglected.

According to customers, this is what happened at an Indianapolis pet hotel.

“He’s my best friend,” Alex Pierce said of 6-year-old German Shepherd Maverick as he threw a stick at the dog in the yard of his Indianapolis home on Monday.

Pierce said Maverick is part of the family.

“This guy is my boyfriend,” he said. “We go everywhere together.”

Except last weekend when Pierce and his family rolled out of town and left Maverick at the Best Friends Pet Hotel in Castleton.

Four days later, when Pierce picked up Maverick on Monday, he said he had received a shocking update from another customer there.

“She said, ‘I just want you to know that they weren’t looking after your dog in any way. He was not fed. He was not taken for a walk. They didn’t do anything for him, ”Pierce said, the woman told him.

“I looked at the two people who were working and they seemed to mean nothing,” Pierce said. “They were trying to silence the lady. At that point, I was like, ‘Where’s my dog, can I have my dog? Please, and get his food.

Pierce said he knew something was wrong the second he laid eyes on Maverick.

“My dog ​​is a German Shepherd over 100 pounds who lost 10% of his body weight in four days,” said Pierce.

Pierce immediately took Maverick to a vet, where the dog had to be given fluids intravenously due to dehydration.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services is investigating what happened at the facility to pets like Maverick after the IMPD contacted them on Saturday. A pet owner had called the police to report that no one was at the hotel when they picked up their pet.

The IACS said they entered the building after contacting someone from the company and staff were directed to begin caring for the remaining animals.

The IACS called it an ongoing investigation, one in which they hope to find out how long the animals staying at the pet hotel have been left alone and without care. They want to hear from other guests who had pets staying at the hotel this weekend. They can be contacted via the Mayor’s Action Center.

According to the company’s website, the hotels are managed by full-time employees who are also owners. The website says employees don’t stay with the animals overnight, but are there in the morning and during the day to feed, walk and care for the animals.

Their motto on the company homepage is “Animal care is personal”.

Pierce said Maverick would never go back there.

“I think what upset me the most was that I had to find out from someone else. They couldn’t even call me to let me know that something was going on. It’s just bad business practice, ”Pierce said.

13News contacted Best Friends’ location in Castleton and was asked to contact the company’s Connecticut offices. We called there to ask for comment, but no one answered. We left a message, but we haven’t heard back.

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