Letter: Supervisory Lobbies for the Referendum on Health Care Centers

For the editor-

In 2018, county residents overwhelmingly approved a referendum to continue operating the Portage County Health Care Center (PCHCC). As individuals, and speaking on behalf of staff and patients, we are grateful for the support of our community to continue to provide care to local residents.

On Tuesday, April 5, we are asking county residents to invest in the replacement and operation of a new facility. If approved, the new 57,000 square foot space would provide 32 beds in our Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) and eight beds in our Community Residential Facility (CBRF). This combination of a traditional SNF zone and a CBRF zone complements the local market and enables us to bridge the healthcare gap present in our local community.

Spaces for physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy, offices, conference rooms, dining rooms, gathering spaces and other services complete the design. The new facility will enable an expanded range of services for our residents with well-sized physical spaces and efficient operations.

I encourage you to visit our website, OurHealthOurCareOurFuture.com. There you will find information about the plan, cost and other details. Please visit our website and don’t forget to make your voice heard no later than Tuesday April 5th.

Ray Reser
Portage County Supervisor
Borough 25