St. Luke’s Children’s Recognized as a Trauma Care Center

BOISE, Idaho – St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital has been recognized for the first time as a Level 2 pediatric trauma care facility by the American College of Surgeons.

In order to achieve this verification, the hospital must meet hundreds of national requirements and undergo a thorough examination.

St. Luke’s began the process of receiving Level 2 Pediatric Trauma Verification in 2019, but was put on hold due to COVID-19 and the strain the virus put on the healthcare system.

“Receiving this audit is a testament to the dedication and skill of St. Luke’s Children’s trauma team and the cutting-edge care they provide. We hope children in Idaho never need this type of care, but if they do, being able to receive exceptional trauma care closer to home is a huge benefit to our patients. and their families. I am so proud of our team for completing this nationally recognized audit and their commitment to caring for the youngest residents in our communities,” said System Medical Director for St. Luke’s Children’s, Dr. Kenny Bramwell, in a statement.

Idaho News 6

Krista Shindledecker and her two children take a photo with St. Luke’s health officials.

“Everyone knows that trauma is something that can happen, but no one wakes up thinking that today will be the day,” said Krista Shindledecker, a mother.

Schindeldecker was unprepared for the phone call, letting her know that her husband and two children had been in a car accident after being hit by a tractor-trailer.

Both children were injured but cared for by the St. Luke’s Children’s Team.

“Without that, without you, there’s no doubt in my mind that Gunnar wouldn’t be here today,” Schindeldecker said. “The compassion you had for them and how they were your children when they were in that bed. From a mother to a health care provider, I will never forget that. Ever. I will be grateful for eternity. ”

St. Luke’s Boise also received a pediatric trauma designation from the State of Idaho through the Time Sensitive Emergencies Council (TSE).