Vital Care Services Refreshes North East Care Home Formerly “Baedling Manor” – Durham Magazine

A Northumberland care home has been saved from certain closure and loss of local jobs and services after a new provider intervened.

Vital Care Services has now taken over the struggling old Baedling mansion in Front Street, Bedlington and not only has given it a new name, but has also secured the future of the house and that of its 50+ employees.

The 55 bed dwelling house was renamed Birkinshaw Manor in honor of John Birkinshaw, one of the area’s most famous sons who invented the wrought iron rails that were used on the Stockton railway line in Darlington – the first in the world.

And under the control of director and nominee Geetika Malhotra, the house now faces a new and much more positive future.

“We are delighted to have secured this home and to have been able to protect services important to the local community while saving over 50 local jobs. “ she said.

Although this is a new venture for the trainee lawyer, she is no stranger to the healthcare industry as her family has operated healthcare services in the North East for over 35 years.

“I have seen my father, Bunty Malhotra, develop care homes since I was a child and I am very happy that I can now follow in his footsteps but operate independently”, Geetika said.

Birkinshaw Manor Care Home, Bedlington.

Further investments in the house are now planned, with Geetika already holding a number of meetings with staff to take into account their ideas and suggestions, which have welcomed the new regime.

Nicola Undeldorf, the registered director of Birkinshaw Manor said that everyone “Had worked really hard to make improvements over the past few months as a team. “

“We are very pleased with the new vision and the new structure now in place, as it is already making such a difference to staff morale and the delivery of care.” she said.

Geetika has taken staff suggestions into account and is now also planning meetings with residents, their families and stakeholders.

“It is very important to me that service users and staff feel that their opinions matter and that we can all work as a team to achieve the best results for our residents” she said.

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